Do you want to know our secret?

We created “Secret Kitchen” to offer you, our friends, a unique experience in Santorini. It’s not another mainstream touristic restaurant. It is our home. It is a spot of culture, a place of induction in the authentic way of living as we, Greeks, know how to.

Among civilization, science and art the ancient Greeks bequeathed to the world, they also left to us, Greeks, something equally important: The sacredness of the food and of the whole procedure of gathering around the table.

During the famous “Symposia” the ancient Greeks used to eat and philosophize around the “estia” (the fireplace); the family gathered to honour the food of the day and to make a toast to express their gratitude to the gods for providing their daily meal.

For ancient Greeks food used to play a very important role as a part of their culture. They paid a lot of attention both to the preparation and to the cooking procedure. The food was always slow cooked on the fire and as the years went by, in the wood oven. Never forced to a quick cooking. Food has always been a pleasure for Greek people. Not just a need.

This is the cultural heritage we would like to introduce you to, so that you can take home with you the idea of the “sacredness of the food”.

If you want to meet us and live this experience, we are looking forward to hosting you.

This is our Secret.

But it is one thing to hear about it and a totally different thing to experience it.

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