Santorini Cooking Classes

the Best Cooking Class in Santorini

While we cook together we explain to you all the methods and the little secrets of the Greek cuisine so you can apply them to your daily culinary life and impress your family and friends.

What is included?

  • Welcome drink (home-made lemonade)
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Traditional greek coffee and cookies
  • Home made bread, Santorini wine, beer or refreshments
  • Cooking and eating together
  • A special gift just for you

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Let’s do some cooking together

Ellinikos kafes sti hovoli me koulourakia. Greek coffee made in the traditional ember way with homemade cookies.
Delicious home-made lemonade with fresh lemon juice and spearmint leaves.
Small feta cheese pies. A healthy snack for your children. Easy to make. From the moment we shape the dough it only takes a few minutes to rest and rise and then we can fill our little pies with anything we like. You will simply love them.
The famous Greek authentic tzatziki with yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil and garlic. Four simple ingredients that we can easily find in every market, all mixed together and in less than five minutes we can taste the most fresh and delicious spread. Let’s do it.
The well-known salad of Santorini. Take home with you a Santorini’s recipe to keep alive the unique memories of your summer vacation. A Mediterranean mix of Santorini’s cherry tomatoes and cappers, cucumber, onion, feta cheese and olive oil.
Stuffed tomatoes and peppers. A traditional summer plate that is cooked in every family. An ideal meal for vegetable lovers. We will show you the way to empty the tomatoes and peppers, how to prepare the filling, how to fill them and cook them in the oven. We will also share with you some little tips as well as grandma’s secret ingredients and herbs. Once you taste them you will never forget them.
Mama’s fried meatballs. Let’s have some fun by shaping and rolling little meatballs. And after frying them, if there are any left (because of our tasting!), we will serve them. The story goes like this: children love mama’s meatballs so as she is frying them, children steal them behind mama’s back).
Orange pie. It’s time for a dessert. Fun continues in our “Secret kitchen”. You will be amazed by this recipe because all you have to do is scrunch and scratch some ready-made pastry sheets and mix them together with some yoghurt, eggs, sugar and oranges. The rest is to see…. So, don’t miss our class!

All dishes are presented to you with their Greek word for one and only reason. Once you love them, you will always know how to ask for them!

Monday to Saturday 4 hours starting at 11am

Max capacity 8 persons

165€ per person

A special gift just for you!

The Secret Kitchen experience is something unique, something that you will always remember.

Each guest who participates in the cooking lessons will get a special gift, the recollective cooking apron signed with our hand written font!

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The Cooking lessons start at 11am. from Monday to Saturday and they last 4 hours. By submitting this form, our host will reply back for the availability of the requested date.